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Voice Disorder

A voice disorder arises when there are disparities or inappropriateness in voice quality, pitch, and loudness concerning an individual’s age, gender, cultural background, or geographic location. It is identified when an individual expresses worry about possessing an atypical voice that doesn’t align with their daily communication requirements, even if others may not
perceive it as unusual or deviating.

Functional voice disorders arise when the vocal structures – including the voice box, vocal cords, and lungs – are normal, but difficulties arise in their utilization. This is often attributed to challenges in using the muscles associated with the vocal cords.
Organic voice disorders, on the other hand, stem from structural issues within the voice box, vocal cords, or lungs. These disorders typically have a basis in structural anomalies, such as abnormal growths on the larynx, or neurological factors where another disorder affects the nerves controlling the larynx.
Psychogenic voice disorders, though uncommon, can develop due to emotional stress or trauma. They may be linked to conditions like anxiety, depression, or conversion disorder.
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